Zenobia Divers identity

Visual identity, graphic design, advertising

Visual identity for the official SCUBA dive operator at the incredible Zenobia Wreck.

Picture of a dive flag on the side of a double-cab

Zenobia Divers are an SSI certified SCUBA diving centre in Cyprus, offering a broad range of diving courses from beginner lessons through to instructor level.

They are also the official dive operator for the incredible Zenobia Wreck, offering all levels of diver a unique day of snorkelling, recreational or technical diving.

The Zenobia Wreck is currently rated one of the top five diving wrecks in the world, with visitation estimates at 35-45,000 divers per year. Reports state that tourism in Cyprus will increase over the next decade.

With many dive centres competing for attention, my task was to create a strong and distinctive visual identity to affirm and promote Zenobia Divers as the main dive operator for the Zenobia Wreck.

Zenobia Divers business card.
Zenobia Divers staff Polo shirts

For logo concepts I explored several ideas using the keywords gathered; safe, professional, relaxed and fun.

We settled on the hexagonal/cube space for final logo development.

The hexagonal concept works on several levels. For example, the logo can be perceived as a diver sitting within a cube – representing the “tec” side of diving needed to negotiate the internals of the Zenobia wreck.

Zenobia Divers logo

We wanted to promote with the relaxed nature of the diving school, so a diver in the trade mark cross-legged pose of the lead instructor takes centre stage within the logo. Playful strap lines were developed and used in promotional material and ad campaigns.

...anyone who has dived the "Zen" can relate to the spacial awareness when floating above that massive 172 meter metal structure. I's awesome. It's like floating around a space station, or something...

A growing range of freebies, gifts and promo items continue to increase revenue for the business.

Salt-waterproof dive stickers (used on transport boxes, air tanks, etc), car vinyls, branded underwater photography and video (loaded onto custom USB sticks), plus cool apparel all help mark the day as an unforgettable experience.

ClientZenobia DiversSectorTourismDisciplineCreative direction, identity, branding, graphic designYear2014