coMra Wave technology

Product design, graphic design, video presentation

Converts wireless radiation into harmonic wave forms that re-energise your water, your body and your mind.

“Rest better. Digest better. Work better.” These were the concluding remarks after the team and I at RLT finished exploring the premise of this very unique technology. The idea had long been a side project of the CEO, after discoveries had been made during his research and development brought forth through the revolutionary coMra therapy and medical devices; the coMra Delta and the coMra Palm.

The main discovery from seven years of research was that the health of water – either our drinking water, or the water within our body – plays a major role in the healing process. Put simply, coMra Wave technology is a unique two-part solution to a) protect water from harmful EMF radiation (electrosmog), and to b) re-structure water back to it’s healthiest state: water as it is in nature.

I put together a video for an Indiegogo campaign to explain the challenges and how this truly unique technology works:

The main challenge for the entire concept has been how to communicate the idea that water is actually “alive” and that we can make our water “more alive” by bringing it back to it’s original state using coMra Wave technology.

Thus my design and marketing tasks were clear: give form to a range of unique devices and promote their ease of use in every day life. Products so far include a smart digital device “badge”, drinks coaster and a luxurious pendant.

coMra Wave Cell schematic
coMra Wave Cell on a smart phone
coMra Wave Coaster: schematic
coMra Wave Coaster showing the spiral design
coMra Wave Pendant
coMra Wave Pendant
coMra Wave Pendant on Sterling silver clasp and chain
coMra Wave Cell on an iPad

A website was required to present the information in a clear way without being overly abstract. I used a contrasting “polarised” effect with the graphics and animations to juxtapose the harmonic waveforms generated by the coMra Wave technology (greens), against the unseen manifestation of EMF radiation (reds).

Horizontal scroll navigation, for the desktop version of the website, works well in telling the coMra Wave story. It's also a relatively unique way of presenting a very unique concept.

How It Works section: I used Adobe After Effects (with Bodymovin' plugin) to create an animated JSON file for use in Webflow website builder.

The design language translates well into fully responsive mobile and tablet versions of the website.

The website journey ends at an easy-to-use single page online store, encouraging patrons to buy coMra products via a bolt-on, customised Woo Commerce page.

I set up an Amazon store (and waded endlessly through specific criteria and strict compliance for health related products!).

To compliment a strong online presence, I designed a range of printed literature to support the sales teams – all made from recycled materials and eco inks wherever possible.

coMra Wave user guide.
coMra Wave A5 brochure

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