coMra Palm device

Industrial design, graphic design, packaging

Next generation healing power in the palm of your hand.

Joe Reitman using his coMra Palm.
Meghan James using her coMra Palm
Matty Cardarople with his coMra Palm.
Leslie Zemekis with her coMra Palm
Keturah using his coMra Palm
Blanca Blanco with her coMra Palm
Brittany Curran with her coMra Palm
Chad L. Coleman using his coMra Palm

Radiant Life Technologies has been at the forefront of low-level laser therapy since their formation, starting with the birth of coMra therapy and the pioneering Delta Series low-level medical laser, designed back in 2009.

To evolve the product line, my task was to design and develop a more affordable device aimed toward the self-sufficient home user. My scope would cover conception right through to final packaging, including design direction for their Indiegogo campaign.

Hand holding coMra Palm

The brief was straightforward; "...create a portable device to apply a treatment wherever and whenever needed, ready to use straight out of the box without complicated procedures."

coMra Palm 3D shaded wireframe
coMra Palm 3D shaded wireframe
coMra Palm 3D shaded wireframe
coMra Palm 3D shaded wireframe

The body shape and silicone coating provide a surface that clings to skin, helping hands-free operation (e.g. wedged between the insides of a bent elbow or knee, or when resting between cheek/jaw and collar bone).

3D plastic print
3D plastic print
3D plastic print
Two people discussing the design of the coMra Palm
Two ladies testing out the Palm shape
Me working on design for coMra Palm

I wanted a shape that would help reduce hand fatigue during longer treatments. 3D prints were invaluable for working out the geometry.

coMra Palm button assembly

Buttons made from softer silicone give a noticeable change in feel, helping non-visual operation thus quicker and easier application on repetitive treatment points. The yellow stop/start button has a tiny raised “nipple” for quick identification.

I worked with our engineers in China, incorporating PCB CADs into my design drawings to ensure that the finalised device materialised as close as possible to the original conception.

I designed the retail box to hold a Palm (available in Pearl White or Warm Grey), a quick start guide and a USB cable protected in a foam inlay. Printed on the back cover are Instructions for downloading the accompanying coMra user guide as either a PDF or an app for iOS or Android.

The retail box had to be small enough to place inside a letter-sized padded envelope, as most sales would be via RLT’s web shop.

coMra Palm box front
coMra Palm box front
coMra Palm box back
coMra Palm box half open
coMra Palm inner box
coMra Palm printed quick start guide
coMra Palm USB cable

The coMra Palm has been a big success for the company, and continues to receive 5-star ratings on Google Reviews;

“…I take my coMra Palm everywhere with me, just in case. I used it on one trip when I had terrible stomach pain which happens often when I travel abroad, treating it with the Palm was the only way for me to fall asleep. I love coMra therapy and all of the devices, so easy to use and such amazing results each time!…”

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