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Graphic design, 3D modelling, artwork

Major overhaul and new, specialised user guide designs for RLT’s revolutionary coMra therapy healing devices.

To support the launch of their latest consumer healing device, Radiant Life Technologies needed a complete overhaul and update to their existing user guide, a new Beauty & Wellness user guide and a new, specialised Training & Performance user guide to meet emerging markets.

The user guide introduces the roots of coMra therapy (a low-level medical laser-based therapy), it’s life-changing nature and the company’s holistic approach to healing.

But the core purpose of the guides are to illustrate the practical application of coMra therapy upon the body, using their revolutionary devices to treat a range of over 200 medical conditions, as well as application for beauty and wellness and for application in athletic performance.

The design brief specified a need for a PDF version – downloadable and available to anyone wishing to print a copy from a domestic inkjet printer. This digital version is print-ready and indexed with clickable page entry numbers, with an extensive and interactive table of contents for easy navigation.

Otorhinolaryngology 6

The layout shows one treatment per spread, and spiral binding makes it easy to lay the guide flat on a surface (like a bed) without any effort to keep the pages open.

The main version of the user guide is available to buy as a high quality spiral-bound print version, which currently comes included with their top tier devices.

For the design refresh, the aim was ‘cleaner’ and more ‘consumer friendly’, whilst arranging complicated treatments to make them easier to comprehend and follow. So, one of the major design upgrades was the use of 3D models to replace the hand drawn sketch illustrations, allowing for a more accurate placement of treatment points and a more professional look.

Drag the before and after slider above to see how 3D models and a new grid system change the layout to a cleaner structure and a more future proof design.

Although RLT’s target audience is the mass market, they have a strong medical practitioner client base. Thus, designs had to meet a balance between professional and layman. Technical manuals of old were an example of what not to do, opting instead to humanise the project through commissioned photography of real coMra users in action, worked into the front covers.

Important info shows in the most prominent areas on the spread, while still achieving a clutter-free read.

The new coMra user guide continues to receive praise and enthusiasm from the marketing and sales teams, with reports of very positive feedback from customers and patients.

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